At PlanetSpark, we believe English speaking skills are empowering for the individuals to bring out their best and make a positive impact on their lives. Our testing philosophy is centered around this belief and is reflected in the design and implementation of our Communication Skill Test (CST).

1- English Language Ability

The ability to communicate effectively in English is a critical component for the individuals. It allows to effectively express their opinions and understanding, and stand out in their personal and professional endeavors.

team meeting
team meeting
2- English Grammar:

Correct and precise use of grammar is essential in effective communication. In the English Grammar test, we assess a candidate's understanding of the rules of grammar and their ability to apply them in writing and speaking. This test helps us judge a candidate's ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

3- Reading Comprehension

Developing effective communication skills and applying them in various situations requires a combination of critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. We assess these skills through our Reasoning and Mental Ability test. This test helps us determine a candidate's ability to adapt to new and challenging situations.