The Communication Skill Test (CST) is a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate's aptitude and ability. The test is designed to measure a candidate's knowledge areas that are essential for becoming a confident communicator.

The CST consists of four sections:
  • 1- English Language Ability
  • 2- English Grammar
  • 3- Reading Comprehension
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Each section is designed to evaluate a specific aspect of a candidate's aptitude and ability. The English Language Ability section assesses proficiency in the language, while the English Grammar section evaluates their understanding of grammar rules and their ability to apply them. Reading Comprehension section builds the ability to understand and make meaning of written language and is very important for becoming a good speaker. The CST is a proctored, online test that can be taken at the candidate's convenience. Upon completion of the test, candidates receive a percentile score for each section and an overall percentile score. At PlanetSpark, we recognize the significance of rigorous and equitable testing. Our Communication Skill Test (CST) is created to provide a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's aptitude and ability, enabling us to help them improve their weaker areas. By taking the CST, candidates can showcase their potential and commitment to pursuing high-quality education.